thesis guided by kashikar RSS feed for public list thesis guided by kashikar Adaptability as a means of extending the useful life of a building exploring this possibility through the conceptual strategy of polyvalence (Also available on CD) by Shilpa, Shirish Architectural drawings : perspectives on attitude of the maker and context (Also available on CD) by Shingarey, Surabhi Architectural thresholds welcoming collective 'affordances' : learning form conventional urban housing in Ahmedabad (Also Available on CD) by Acharya, Prachi Built environment and residents' satisfaction in slum rehabilitation housing projects : a case of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala (Also available on CD) by Valiaveetil, Indu Changing neighbourhoods and changing human social behaviour : co-relating privacy affordances and inter-personal relations in a residential environment through a comparative integrated framework (Also available on CD) by Sarna, Prachi (PA103016) Children's behaviour in built environment : a study of school as a setting for play and social activity (Also available on CD) by Kachru, Ishita Children's play spaces : instances of cricket in multistorey housing in Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Patel, Harini M. (UA1313) Co-living 2020 : redefining the relationship between shared and private spaces in millennial co-living in Bangalore (Softcopy is also available) by Goyal, Shrenik (PA104617) Cognition in symmetrical spaces (Softcopy is also available) by Mehta, Viral K. (UA1413) Constants and variants in architecture (Also available on CD) by Gangwal, Deepthi Embodied and operational energy assessment of alternative walling materials for multi-storey buildings in Ahmedabad : an approach towards low energy buildings in a lifecycle by Sonagara, Nirav Evaluating and exploring 'flexibility'as a phenomena in standardized multi-storey housing-a case study on residential requirements for IT and financial services employees in Bangalore (Also available on CD) by Karadi, Chaitra First generation apartments : understanding emergence and early establishment case of Ahmedabad : 1965 to 1980 (Also available on CD) by Shah, Nisarg Flex-perience in a tight space by D'Souza, Daphne | Kashikar, Vishwanath (Guide) Flexibility in housing : impact of architectural design decisions on ease of making modification to dwellings in mass housing (Also available on CD) by Patel, Dhwani Pankaj (UA2511) Flexibility in multi storey apartments : determining feasibility of support and infill in Indian urban context (Also available on CD) by Aggarwal, Kriti Floor plate analysis for natural ventilation to adopt mixed mode : by Jatolia, Mtesh Floor plate analysis for natural ventilation to adopt mixed mode : case of office buildings in Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Jatolia, Mitesh Housing : a setting for social behaviour : a study of the community spaces in high rise housing as effective environment for social interactions (Also available on CD) by Talsania, Isha D. Housing from the gender perspective (deciphering gender manifestations in the use of various spaces in housing projects ) (Also available on CD) by Patel, Vishwa (UA2413) Imageability of slum regabilitation projects (Also availabel on CD) by Pawar, Vishal Subhash Inside out or outside in : the (de) material boundary by Agrawal, Apeksha | Kashikar, Vishwanath (Guide) Investigation into the sequential unfolding of spatial perception by Gupta, Sonali | Kashikar, Vishwanath ( Guide) Learning + space : desiging a school demonstrating spaces that nurtures the process of education (Also available on CD) by Narkar, Amrit Sharad Negotiations in live work typology of housing (Also available on CD) by Bhadja, Priya (UA0413) Notion of territory : a study of territorial functioning in residential neighbourhoods, Auroville (Also available on CD) by Makwana, Kritha Re-thinking the Z-Axis : designing social spaces in a residential high rise building (Softcopy is also available) by Salunkhe, Ajinkya (PA103917) Reminiscence through early travels : Charles Edouard Jeanneret to Le Corbusier (Also available on CD) by Kukreja, Supriya Rethinking architectural determinism : correlating spatial configuration and social behavior in an educational institution (Also available on CD) by Anklesaria, Freyaan Role of integration of structure and architecture in generating building expressions (Also available on CD) by Mewada, Jitesh Settlement patterns in Indian context : understanding the structure of organizational system that creates meaningful collective habitats of Asarva, Ahmedabad by Shah, Nikita Y. Shared spaces in community living - the case of a co-operative housing society in Mumbai (Also available on CD) by Wagle, Tanmayee Sadanand (PA105216) Slums as urban vernacular settlements : comparative study of self built house forms (Also available on CD) by Patel, Aditya J. Study of changing activity patterns and its impact on open spaces in housing, case study Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Chauhan, Ripple Rajesh Study of earth and concrete walling techniques in the region of Bhachau, Kutch : environmental and feasibility assessment (Also available on CD) by Sareshwala, Humaira A. K. Study of family life cycle and its impact on inhabitation of a house, case study : Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Todi, Disha Study of form and inhabitation patterns in the homes of Sihor, Bhavnagar (Also available on CD) by Jadav, Prashant Study of four modern academic libraries in India : generation of library form in the larger campus context (Also available on CD) by Singal, Apoorva Study of relationship between user participation and user satisfication : case of post disastre housing in Gujarat (Also Available on CD) by Teni, Megha Study of traditional courtyard houses and its reinterpretation in modern house type - a case of Raipur, Chhattisgarh (Also available on CD) by Hundet, Anubha To formulate criteria and determine their weightage for evaluating architectural design propasals of affordable housing units (Also available on CD) by Sangani, Vihar H. (UA2513) Traditions in architecture comparative architectural analysis of Gadh(fort) and Gadhis(fortresses) of Marathas(1650 to 1850) by Satam, Pooja Traditions in architecture comparative architectural analysis of Gadh(fort) and Gadhis(fortresses) of Marathas(1650 to 1850) (Also available on CD) by Satam, Pooja Transitions in residential architecture : a study of changes in the storage spaces and use of open/semi open spaces in houses (Also available on CD) by Shah, Mudra R. Understanding and analysing the dynamics of an urban slum and complexity of its re-habitation : a study of Gulbai Tekra and Odhav, Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Patel, Nehal H. Understanding living - working typology through the lens of liminal spaces (Softcopy is also available) by Priyanka, KS (PA103717) Vernacular house forms of Sikkim : impact of materials, tools, skills, construction, lateral forces on the house form (Also available on CD) by Mistry, Ankit S. Viability assessment of a designed roof treatment to reduce heat gain a context of Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Duberkar, Pankaj S.