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Adaptability as a means of extending the useful life of a building exploring this possibility through the conceptual strategy of polyvalence (Also available on CD) by Shilpa, Shirish Publication: 2014 . v,ii,43p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (SA TH-0035 SHI) .
Architectural drawings : perspectives on attitude of the maker and context (Also available on CD) by Shingarey, Surabhi Publication: 2012 . v,79,viiip.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (TD TH-0050 SHI) .
Architectural thresholds welcoming collective 'affordances' : learning form conventional urban housing in Ahmedabad (Also Available on CD) by Acharya, Prachi Publication: 2008 . iv,146p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-0968 ACH) .
Build a home : an exploration of dwellings designed by the architects and the non-architects to identify similarities and differences in their built form (Also available on CD) by Bhagora, Samarpan (UA0513) Publication: 2019 . 170p.,12Sheets,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1362) .
Built environment and residents' satisfaction in slum rehabilitation housing projects : a case of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala (Also available on CD) by Valiaveetil, Indu Publication: 2015 . iv,xii,154p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (SA TH-0048 VAL) .
Changing neighbourhoods and changing human social behaviour : co-relating privacy affordances and inter-personal relations in a residential environment through a comparative integrated framework (Also available on CD) by Sarna, Prachi (PA103016) Publication: 2018 . 100p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (M.Arch TH-0134 SAR) .
Children's behaviour in built environment : a study of school as a setting for play and social activity (Also available on CD) by Kachru, Ishita Publication: 2012 . ii,144p.CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1097 KAC) .
Children's play spaces : instances of cricket in multistorey housing in Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Patel, Harini M. (UA1313) Publication: 2018 . 112p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1307 PAT) .
Co-living 2020 : redefining the relationship between shared and private spaces in millennial co-living in Bangalore (Softcopy is also available) by Goyal, Shrenik (PA104617) Publication: 2019 . xiv,74p. Holdings: CEPT Library (M.Arch TH-0218 GOY) .
Cognition in symmetrical spaces (Softcopy is also available) by Mehta, Viral K. (UA1413) Publication: 2018 . 119p. Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1330 MEH) .
Consolidated common spaces in high rise mass housing (Also available on CD) by Tamakuwala, Dharini (UA4514) Publication: 2019 . 135p.,CD ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1380) .
Constants and variants in architecture (Also available on CD) by Gangwal, Deepthi Publication: 2011 . v,15-178,viiip,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (TD TH-0023 GAN) .
Embodied and operational energy assessment of alternative walling materials for multi-storey buildings in Ahmedabad : an approach towards low energy buildings in a lifecycle by Sonagara, Nirav Publication: 2011 . ix,121p. Holdings: CEPT Library (MIAD TH-0021 SAO) .
Establishing patterns of apartment units in Ahmedabad : tracing histories of housing design : 1970-2020 (Soft copy is also available) by Dalal, Sanjana (UA0815) Publication: 2020 . 238p. Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1405 DAL) .
Evaluating and exploring 'flexibility'as a phenomena in standardized multi-storey housing-a case study on residential requirements for IT and financial services employees in Bangalore (Also available on CD) by Karadi, Chaitra Publication: 2016 . vii,77p.19sheets,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (M.Arch TH-0016 KAR) .
First generation apartments : understanding emergence and early establishment case of Ahmedabad : 1965 to 1980 (Also available on CD) by Shah, Nisarg Publication: 2015 . iv,191p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1227 SHA) .
Flex-perience in a tight space by D'Souza, Daphne | Kashikar, Vishwanath (Guide) Publication: 2014 . 179p. Holdings: CEPT Library (I TH-0276 DSO) .
Flexibility in housing : impact of architectural design decisions on ease of making modification to dwellings in mass housing (Also available on CD) by Patel, Dhwani Pankaj (UA2511) Publication: 2017 . 96p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1295 KAS) .
Flexibility in multi storey apartments : determining feasibility of support and infill in Indian urban context (Also available on CD) by Aggarwal, Kriti Publication: 2017 . 116p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (M.Arch TH-0083 AGG) .
Floor plate analysis for natural ventilation to adopt mixed mode : by Jatolia, Mtesh Publication: Ahmedabad CEPT Uni. 2015 . 72p.,livp. Holdings:
Floor plate analysis for natural ventilation to adopt mixed mode : case of office buildings in Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Jatolia, Mitesh Publication: 2015 . 72p.,livp.CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (M.Arch TH-0007 JAT) .
Housing : a setting for social behaviour : a study of the community spaces in high rise housing as effective environment for social interactions (Also available on CD) by Talsania, Isha D. Publication: 2010 . 137p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1010 TAL) .
Housing from the gender perspective (deciphering gender manifestations in the use of various spaces in housing projects ) (Also available on CD) by Patel, Vishwa (UA2413) Publication: 2018 . 248p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1332 PAT) .
Imageability of slum regabilitation projects (Also availabel on CD) by Pawar, Vishal Subhash Publication: 2017 . xii,105p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (M.Arch TH-0119 PAW) .
Inside out or outside in : the (de) material boundary by Agrawal, Apeksha | Kashikar, Vishwanath (Guide) Publication: 2014 . 143p. Holdings: CEPT Library (I TH-0287 AGR) .
Investigation into the sequential unfolding of spatial perception by Gupta, Sonali | Kashikar, Vishwanath ( Guide) Publication: 2013 . 112p. Holdings: CEPT Library (I TH-0258 GUP) .
Learning + space : desiging a school demonstrating spaces that nurtures the process of education (Also available on CD) by Narkar, Amrit Sharad Publication: 2016 . ix,46p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (M.Arch TH-0010 NAR) .
Negotiations in live work typology of housing (Also available on CD) by Bhadja, Priya (UA0413) Publication: 2018 . 127p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1331 BHA) .
Notion of territory : a study of territorial functioning in residential neighbourhoods, Auroville (Also available on CD) by Makwana, Kritha Publication: . ii,111,ip.CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1140 MAK) .
Our perception of projection : a case of orthographic drawings (Also available on CD) by Brahmbhatt, Kajol (UA1214) Publication: 2019 . 111p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1371) .
Patterns in secondary spaces of apartment units in Ahmedabad (Soft copy is also available) by Patel, Vishwa (UA3415) Publication: 2020 . x,240p. Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1403 PAT) .
Re-thinking the Z-Axis : designing social spaces in a residential high rise building (Softcopy is also available) by Salunkhe, Ajinkya (PA103917) Publication: 2019 . x,60p. Holdings: CEPT Library (M.Arch TH-0210 SAL) .
Reminiscence through early travels : Charles Edouard Jeanneret to Le Corbusier (Also available on CD) by Kukreja, Supriya Publication: 2011 . 124p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (TD TH-0035 KUK) .
Rethinking architectural determinism : correlating spatial configuration and social behavior in an educational institution (Also available on CD) by Anklesaria, Freyaan Publication: 2014 . 107p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1169 ANK) .
Role of integration of structure and architecture in generating building expressions (Also available on CD) by Mewada, Jitesh Publication: 2013 . v,75p.; CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1167 MEW) .
Settlement patterns in Indian context : understanding the structure of organizational system that creates meaningful collective habitats of Asarva, Ahmedabad by Shah, Nikita Y. Publication: 2010 . iv,184,vip. Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1011 SHA) .
Shared spaces in community living - the case of a co-operative housing society in Mumbai (Also available on CD) by Wagle, Tanmayee Sadanand (PA105216) Publication: 2018 . xii,98p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (M.Arch TH-0127 WAG) .
Slums as urban vernacular settlements : comparative study of self built house forms (Also available on CD) by Patel, Aditya J. Publication: 2010 . ix,114p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1036 PAT) .
Social cohesion in a co-living environment : a study of the physical aspects of shared living spaces based in Gurugram (Softcopy is also available) by Srivastava, Dhairya (UI0515) Publication: 2020 . 161p. Holdings: CEPT Library (I TH-0446 SRI) .
Study of changing activity patterns and its impact on open spaces in housing, case study Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Chauhan, Ripple Rajesh Publication: 2014 . 113p CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1182 CHA) .
Study of earth and concrete walling techniques in the region of Bhachau, Kutch : environmental and feasibility assessment (Also available on CD) by Sareshwala, Humaira A. K. Publication: 2012 . 149p.;CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1085 SAR) .
Study of family life cycle and its impact on inhabitation of a house, case study : Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Todi, Disha Publication: 2012 . iv,163,ip. CD Rom Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1087 TOD) .
Study of form and inhabitation patterns in the homes of Sihor, Bhavnagar (Also available on CD) by Jadav, Prashant Publication: 2011 . 118p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1076 JAD) .
Study of four modern academic libraries in India : generation of library form in the larger campus context (Also available on CD) by Singal, Apoorva Publication: 2010 . ii,126p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1031 SIN) .
Study of relationship between user participation and user satisfication : case of post disastre housing in Gujarat (Also Available on CD) by Teni, Megha Publication: 2008 . ii,131p., CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-0975 TEN) .
Study of traditional courtyard houses and its reinterpretation in modern house type - a case of Raipur, Chhattisgarh (Also available on CD) by Hundet, Anubha Publication: 2014 . 116p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (SA TH-0022 HUN) .
Study of transformations of the kitchen and it's elements in the pole houses of Patan (Also available on CD) by Kanada, Vaidehi (UA1512) Publication: 2019 . 97p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1358) .
To formulate criteria and determine their weightage for evaluating architectural design propasals of affordable housing units (Also available on CD) by Sangani, Vihar H. (UA2513) Publication: 2018 . 106p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1321 SAN) .
Traditions in architecture comparative architectural analysis of Gadh(fort) and Gadhis(fortresses) of Marathas(1650 to 1850) by Satam, Pooja Publication: Ahmedabad CEPT Uni. 2015 . 111p.,CD-Rom Holdings:
Traditions in architecture comparative architectural analysis of Gadh(fort) and Gadhis(fortresses) of Marathas(1650 to 1850) (Also available on CD) by Satam, Pooja Publication: 2015 . 111p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (TD TH-0099 SAT) .
Transitions in residential architecture : a study of changes in the storage spaces and use of open/semi open spaces in houses (Also available on CD) by Shah, Mudra R. Publication: 2011 . iii,vi,62p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1061 SHA) .
Understanding and analysing the dynamics of an urban slum and complexity of its re-habitation : a study of Gulbai Tekra and Odhav, Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Patel, Nehal H. Publication: 2007 . 147p.CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-0948 PAT) .
Understanding living - working typology through the lens of liminal spaces (Softcopy is also available) by Priyanka, KS (PA103717) Publication: 2019 . xiii,83p. Holdings: CEPT Library (M.Arch TH-0208 PRI) .
Vernacular house forms of Sikkim : impact of materials, tools, skills, construction, lateral forces on the house form (Also available on CD) by Mistry, Ankit S. Publication: 2011 . viii,183p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1041 MIS) .
Viability assessment of a designed roof treatment to reduce heat gain a context of Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Duberkar, Pankaj S. Publication: 2014 . iii,viii,62p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (SA TH-0024 DUB) .
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