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And still my river flows : story of a tribal woman from the Hinterlands of Gujarat by Parikh, Shailaja Kalelkar Publication: Ahmedabad Navbharat Sahitya Mandir 2010 . xv,187p. , CONTENTS Foreword by Aparna Basu vii Preface x Introduction 1 Part 1 : The Forests Sang 9 Part 2 : The Winds Blew 73 Part 3 : The Clouds Burst 137 Part 4 : And Still My River Flows 179 Holdings: CEPT Library (305.4092 PAR) .
Barriers to women ridership, In light of pink ticket policy : case of Delhi (Softcopy is also available) by Sabharwal, Shuktika (PG180988) Publication: 2020 . xiii,25,69p. Holdings: CEPT Library (P TH-2450 SAB) .
Capability of elected women representatives on gender issues in grassroots governance by Joseph, Vanishree Publication: New Delhi Concept Pub. Co. 2011 . xvi,212p. , CONTENTS Preface v Acknowledgements ix List of Tables xiii List of Figures xv List of Abbreviations xvi 1 Introduction 1 2 Status of Women and Overview of Decentralized Governance with Special Reference to Tamil Nadu 50 3 Freedom Enjoyed by Elected Women Representatives in Grassroots Governance 70 4 Functioning of Elected Women Representatives on Gender Issues 102 5 Relationship Between Freedom Enjoyed by Elected Women Representatives (EWRs) and the Functioning they Manifested on Gender Issues 142 6 Integrated Analysis 149 7 Findings, Summary and Policy Prescriptions 177 Dindigul District Profile 192 Bibliography 199 Index 209 Holdings: CEPT Library (305.420954 JOS) .
Career progress of women professionals : a study of women architects - Minor B (Also available on the CD) by Mehta, Sonia Publication: 2010 . v,95p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (Ph.D. Minor-004 MEH) .
Changing status of the working woman in India. by Kapur, Promilla Publication: New Delhi,Bombay etc Vikas Pub. House Pvt. Ltd. 1974 . 176p. Holdings: CEPT Library Sch. of Planning (331.4 KAP) .
Dignity of women and architecture of public toilets (Soft copy is also available) by Modi, Miloni (UA2515) Publication: 2020 . xi,88p. Holdings: CEPT Library (A TH-1404 MOD) .
Discourse on women & empowerrment by Patel, Vibhuti Ed. Publication: Delhi The Women Press 2009 . xxii,248p. , CONTENTS Preface ix Editor and Contributors xvii 1. Sen, Rawls and Wittgenstein: Liberal 1 Development Thinking and Gender - Partlisarthi Mondal 2. Social Work Education in Ushering Social 31 Change in India: A Feminist Stand-point -Nandita Mondal 3. Sex Selection-A Demand Created by Supply of Technology - Kamayani Bah Mahabal 45 4. Child Abuse: The Indian Scene - Dr. Anoop K. Singh and Kirti Vikram Singh 61 5. The Material Impact of Economic Globalisation on Women: Exploding A Few Myths - Damyanti Bhattacharya 77 6. Women Workers in Post-Independent Eritrea: Some Reflections - Ravinder Renn 109 7. Debt to Women Concept: Reflections on a Just and Caring Economy, Alternatives to Globalisation - Barbara Kalima 127 Discourse on Women and Empowerment 139 8. Women's Right to Land and Housing - Vibhuti Patel 9. Right to Shelter and Development for Women - Neha Madhiwala 155 10. Impact of Productive Loans in Urban Poor Habitat in Mumbai - Sangita Kamdar 161 11. Women's Leadership in Micro-finance: Issues and Challenges - Vibhuti Patel 191 12. Gender Differences on Emotional Intelligence, Coping Strategies and Anxiety - Batool Pashang and Dr. Mridula Singh 227 Index 243 Holdings: CEPT Library (305.42 PAT) .
Domestic violence against women : legal control and judicial response. by Misra, Preeti Publication: New Delhi Deep & Deep Pubs. Pvt. Ltd. 2006 . xxxviii,606p. Holdings: CEPT Library (305.4 MIS) .
Empowerment engendered. by Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies (RCUES) of All India Institute of Local Self Government(AIILSG); Bombay Publication: Mumbai Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies(RECUES) All India Institute of Local Self Government(AIILSG) 2007 . v,137p. Holdings: CEPT Library (305.40954 RCUES) .
Empowerment of women through entrepreneurship by Rathakrishnan, L. Ed. Publication: New Delhi Gyan Pub. House 2008 . 464p. , CONTENTS Preface 11 Acknowledgements 15 List of Contributors 17 PART-I. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT: THE BACKGROUND 1. Women Empowerment-Still a Pipe Dream 23 -Dr. A. Ranga Reddy 2. Status of Women in India: Some Dimensions 28 -Dr. D. Pulla Rao 3. Women Entrepreneurship in India: An Analysis 44 -Dr. D. Pulla Rao 4. Women Entrepreneurship in India: A Gender Perspective 53 -Dr. P. Balamurugan 5. Marginalisation in the Midst of Modernization- 61 Women's Health Empowerment -V. BasilHans 6. Who Say Women Can't Pro-create on their Own? 76 -Dr. L. Rathakrishnan, Mr. V.P. Sriraman 1. A Study of the Status of Women Entrepreneurs and Determinants of their Empowerment in India 85 -Dr. R. Balasubramaniyam 8. Status of Women in Informal Sector 98 -Dr. D. Pulla Rao 9. Women Entrepreneurs: Current Trends and Future Avenues 108 -Prabha Mathur PART-II. SELF-HELP GROUP: MEANS OF SUSTAINABLE WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP 10. Self-Help Groups a Viable Alternative for Sustainable 113 Development -Dr. R. Seerangarajan, -Er. A.T. Narasimhan 8 Empowerment of Women Through Enterpreneurship 11. Self-Help Groups and Women Empowerment 121 -Mr. A. Ingarsal, -Dr. A. Balakrishnan 12. Credit Support to Women Entrepreneurs under SGSY: A Case Study of Tripura 126 -Mr. A.V. Yadappanavar 13. Impact of Micro-finance on Women Empowerment: A Case Study 152 -Dr. K. Thiripura Sundari, -Mr. Raj. Santan 14. Observations of SHGs in Micro Enterprise Activity 170 -Dr. M. Soundara Pandian, -Mr. G. Saravanan 15. Sustainable Livelihood of Women: A case study of 174 Mangalore City in Kamataka -Mr. D.P. Angadi, -Dr. Jayasheela 16. Women Entrepreneurship: Issues and Concerns 185 -Dr. Yathish Kumar PART-III. EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN THROUGH ENTREPRENEURSHIP: EMPIRICAL FINDINGS 17. Empowerment of Women Through Entrepreneurship: 197 An Empirical Study -Dr. G. Vijayalakshmi, -Ms. B. Prajeetha 18. Women Entrepreneurs in Jharkhand: An Overview 209 -Dr. Kiran Mishra 19. Economics of Women Micro Enterprises: A Case Study of Visakhapatnam city 218 -Dr. B. Padma Narayan, -Dr. B. V. Suryanaraya 20. Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurship in Visakhapatnam city 233 -Dr. B. Ratna Kumari, -Mr. Zilani Begum, -Ms. M. Anitha 2 \. Capacity Building of Women Through Tiny Industries 245 -Dr. L. Rathakrishnan 22. Empowerment of Women Through Information 261 and Communication Technology: Barriers in Developing Countries -Dr. U. Arabi 23. Enterprise Among Farm Women in India and Understanding their Constraints: An Exploration of NSSO's Household Data 282 -Dr. Nilabja Ghosh 24. Correlates Towards Emancipation of Women Entrepreneurship-A Diagnostic Study on Women Entrepreneurs in Food Processing Enterprises 313 -Dr. R. Ganesan 25. Women Participation in Dairy Entrepreneurship: A Case Study in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh 333 -Dr. I. Narendra Kumar, -Dr. G. Chandrasekar Rao, -Dr. V.K. Reddy, -Dr. V.B. Naidu 26. Fisherwomen and Entrepreneurship 347 -Dr. Arpita Sharma 27. The Role of Fisherwomen in Fishing Activity: A Study of the Fisherwomen in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 359 -Dr. T. Sobhasri, -Dr. G. Sanjeevayya 28. Women in Informal Service Sector: A case study of Beauticians in Visakhapatnam city 372 -Dr. (Mrs.) P. Tarakumari 29. Women Administrators in Non-Governmental Organizations388 -Dr. Shanthi Nachiappan, -Dr. B. Dharmalingam PART-IV. WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS 30. Problems Faced by WovTn Entrepreneurs in Tiruchirapalli 403 -Dr. (Mrs.) V. Gamathi 31. Marketing Practices and Constraints in women Enterprises 418 -Dr. K. Selvarani 32. Women Entrepreneurship Problems-Casual Trends 434 -Dr. G. Varadharajan 33. Women Entrepreneurship in India-Problems and Prospects 444 -Dr. D. Pulla Rao Index 444 Holdings: CEPT Library (305.4 RAT) .
Feminine fables : imaging the Indian woman in painting, photography and cinema by Sen, Geeti Publication: Ahmedabad Mapin Publishing Pvt. Ltd. 2002 . 208p. Holdings: CEPT Library (750 SEN) .
Gender and the built environment : women architects' forum, February 7-8, 2002, Ahmedabad Management Association Campus, Ahmedabad.   Publication: 2002 . 78p. Holdings: CEPT Library Sch. of Architecture (720.082) .
Gender rights and security by Sarkar, Siddhartha Publication: New Delhi Serials Pubs. 2010 . ix,368p. , CONTENTS Prologue vii List of Contributors xi 1. Why Do People Want Children? 1 Siv Sofia Gustafsson 2. Technology, Economic Opportunities and Women Empowerment 24 N. Narayana 3. Women in Watershed Development 47 Falendra K. Sudan 4. Gender, Vulnerability and Informality 84 Siddhartha Sarkar 5. Farmers Committing Suicide 131 G. Sreedhar and K. Dasaratharamaiah 6. Land Rights of Women in Achieving Sustainable Livelihoods 165 Rosalud de la Rosa and Alexandra Aquino-Fike 7. Cooking with Biofuel and Women Health 188 Siddhartha Sarkar 8. Accelerating Women Access to Justice 214 Jamila Ahmed Chovvdhury 9. Youth Unemployment and Empowerment Strategy 246 Donatilla K. Kaino and Martin P. Ntongana 10.Women and the Nuclear Issue268 Adluri Subramanyam Rajn 11.Women in Kenya: A Second Class Citizen288 Tabitha W. Kiriti-Nganga 12.Development, Political Stability and Human Rights for Organized Workers 315 Lewis B. Dzimbiri 13.Achieving Gender Equality through Gender Oriented Budgets 336 N. Narayana Index 354 Holdings: CEPT Library (305.3 SAR) .
Harvard business review on women in business   Publication: Boston Harvard Business School Press 2005 . ix,213p. , CONTENTS Off-Ramps and On-Ramps : Keeping Talented Women on the Road to Sucess 1 SYLVIA ANN HEWLETT AND CAROLYN BUCK LUCE The New Road to the Top 29 PETER CAPPELLI AND MONIKA HAMORI Winning the Talent War for Women : Sometimes It Takes a Revolution 51 DOUGLAS M. MCCRACKEN A Modest Manifesto for Shattering the Glass Ceiling 69 DEBRA E. MEYERSON AND JOYCE K. FLETCHER Work and Life : The End of the Zero-Sum Game 95 STEWART D. FRIEDMAN, PERRY CHRISTENSEN, AND JESSICA DEGROOT Making Differences Matter : A New Paradigm for Managing Diversity 125 DAVID A. THOMAS AND ROBIN J. ELY Women as a Business Imperative 159 FELICE N. SCHWARTZ Ways Women Lead 185 JUDY B. ROSENER About the Contributors 205 Index 207 Holdings: CEPT Library (650.082) .
Home : a woman's perspective (Softcopy is also available) by Mehta, Heer (UI0912) Publication: 2017 . iv,197p. Holdings: CEPT Library (I TH-0345 MEH) .
Indian state and the women's problematic : running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. by Verma, R. B. S. & Others Eds. Publication: New Delhi Serials Pubs. 2007 . xi,666p. Holdings: CEPT Library (305.42 VER) .
Indian women : status, role & empowerment by Ravikumar, S. K. Publication: Jaipur Mangal Deep Pubs. 2006 . vii,286p. , CONTENTS : Preface v 1. The Woman: Position and Role 1 2. Caste System and Issues 29 3. Women and Issue of Immoral Traffic 40 4. Gender Division of Labour 48 5. Gender, Class and Education 76 6. Gender and Sexual Behaviour 109 7. Labour Welfare and Woman 143 8. Labour Market and Woman 159 9. Gender Sensitivity and Gender Justice 169 10. Indian Women during Nineties 181 11. Indian Women and Social Legislation 192 12. Woman and Labour Policy 207 13. Human Rights and Women 230 14. Property and Occupation Rights of Indian Women 252 15. Women's Issues and Problems in India 268 Index 280 Holdings: CEPT Library (305.40954 RAV) .
Life and work of an Asian woman architect. Vol.1 by De, Silva Minnette & Others Publication: Kandy George E. De silva and Agnes Nell De Silva trust (GEDSANDS) 1998 . xii,344p. Holdings: CEPT Library (720.82 DE) .
Reaganomics and women : structural adjustment U.S. style 1980-92. by Alternative Women in Development, Washington Publication: Delhi Public Interest Research Group 1993 . 36p. , ENG Holdings: CEPT Library Sch. of Planning (338.9082 A.W.D) .
Rural women workers in India's unorganized sector by Agrawal, Meenu Publication: New Delhi New Century Publications 2012 . xvii,197p. , About the Bookv Author's Profilev Preface xi-xvii 1. Unorganized Sector and Women 1-11 1.1 Unorganized Sector Defined 1.2 Status of Women in India 1.2.1 Manu on Women 1.3 Constitutional Safeguards for Women 2. Review of Literature on Socio-economic Conditions of Women 12-35 3. Characteristics of Unorganized Sector/Labour 36-55 3.1 Conceptual Framework 3.2 Low Rate of Participation 3.3 Low Scale of Organisation and Family Ownerships 3.4 Low Order Technology 3.5 Lack of Support from Government 3.6 Unregulated and Highly Competitive Labour Market 3.7 Unprotected Product Market 3.8 Linkages between Organised and Unorganised Sectors 4. Growth and Components of the Unorganized Sector 56-69 4.1 Unorganized Sector: A Brief History 4.2 Migration of Rural Labour to Cities 4.3 Non-availability of Jobs in Modern Sector 4.4 Women in Agricultural Sector 4.5 Women in Small Industrial Sector 4.6 Women in Construction Sector 4.7 Domestic Service Sector 4.8 Self-employed Sector 5. Problems of Unorganized Women Workers 70-87 5.1 Wage Discrimination 5.2 Greater Involvement of Rural Women in Agriculture 5.3 Equal Pay: A Matter of Survival 5.4 No Limit for Minimum Wages 5.5 Long Hours of Work 5.6 Lack of Health Facilities at Work Place 5.7 Lack of Job Security 5.8 Lack of Legislative Cover 5.9 Heavy Physical Work 5.10 Exploitation, Sexual Harassment and 111 Treatment 5.11 Lack of Safe Working Places 5.12 Lack of Landownership for Rural Women 5.13 Lack of Social Security 6. Policies and Programmes for Unorganized Sector Women Workers 88-120 6.1 Labour Laws for Women 6.2 National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 6.3 Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) 6.3.1 Operational Strategy of IRDP 6.4 Training Rural Youth for Self-employment (TRYSEM) 6.5 Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA) 6.6 Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (JRY) 6.7 Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY) 6.8 Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana (SGRY) 6.9 Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) 6.10 Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY) 6.11 Nehru Rozgar Yojana (NRY) 6.12 Swarna Jayanti Shahri Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY) 6.13 Watershed Development Programmes 6.14 Special Employment Scheme by Khadi and Gramodyog Board 6.15 Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) 6.16 Ambedkar Vishesh Rozgar Yojana (AVRY) 6.17 Social Security Act, 2008 6.18 Social Security Scheme 6.19 Report of the National Commission on Labour 7. National Policy for Empowerment of Women (NPEW), 2001 121-138 7.1 Introduction 7.2 Objectives of the Policy 7.3 Various Elements of NPEW 7.3.1 Politico-legal Empowerment of Women 7.3.2 Economic Empowerment of Women 7.3.3 Social Empowerment of Women 7.4 Operational Strategies of NPEW 7.4.1 Action Plans 7.4.2 Institutional Mechanisms 7.4.3 Resource Management 7.4.4 Legislation 7.4.5 Gender Sensitization 7.4.6 Panchayati Raj Institutions 7.4.7 Partnership with the Voluntary Sector Organizations 7.4.8 International Cooperation Holdings: CEPT Library (331.4091734 AGR) .
Struggle and development among self employed women : a report on the self employed woman's association Ahmedabad, India. by Sebstad, Jennefer Publication: 1992 . ii,iv,340p.,iv Holdings: CEPT Library Sch. of Planning (331.4 SEB) .
Tribal women and society by Baghel, Indu Publication: New Delhi Jnanada Prakashan & Text Book Promotion Society of India 2011 . vii,301p. , CONTENTS Preface (v) 1 Introduction 1 2 Status of Tribal Women in India 10 3 Transformation of Tribes in India 46 4 Development of Tribal Languages 68 5 Tribal Education and Development 81 6 Theoretical Background of Tribal Women 93 7 Tribal Policies and Strategies 116 8 Developmental Programmes for Tribal Women and Girls 176 9 Socio-Economic Development of Tribes in Jharkhand 192 10 Tribal Women in Agrobiodiversity Conservation 201 11 Tribal Law in India 234 Bibliography 292 Index 296 Holdings: CEPT Library (307.772 BAG) .
View from the interior : women and design by Attfield, Judy Ed. Publication: London Women's Press Ltd. 1995 . ix,246p. Holdings: CEPT Library (745.4082 ATT) .
Vindication of the rights of woman by Wollstonecraft, Mary Publication: New Delhi Penguin books India (p) ltd. 2004 . lxxx,269,ip. Holdings: CEPT Library (305.42 WOL) .
Violence against women : issues and perspectives. by Goel, Aruna & others Eds. Publication: New Delhi Deep & Deep Pubs. Pvt. Ltd. 2006 . xxviii,295p. Holdings: CEPT Library (305.4 GOE) .
Virtual bonding and women in IT - Minor A (Also available on CD) by Kheterpal, Suneet Publication: 2010 . xi,264p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (Ph.D. Minor-007 KHE) .
Where are the women architects? by Stratigakos, Despina Publication: Oxford Princeton University Press 2016 . xi,114,iip. Holdings: CEPT Library (720.82 STR) .
Woman construction workers : with perticular reference to legal security and social justice : a case study of Delhi.   Publication: New Delhi National Inst. of Urban Affairs 1982 . 103p. Holdings: CEPT Library Sch. of Planning (331.482) .
Woman in Indian art. by Mode, Heinz Publication: New Delhi,Bombay etc Allied Pub. Pvt. Ltd. 1972 . 110p. , ENG Holdings: CEPT Library Sch. of Architecture (704.9424 MOD) .
Woman's consciousness. by Rowbotham, Sheila Publication: New York,London etc Penguin Books Ltd. 1973 . 136p. Holdings: CEPT Library Sch. of Planning (322.44 ROW) .
Woman's words : the feminist practice of oral history by Sherna, Gluck Berger Ed. Publication: London & New York Routledge 1991 . vi, 234p. Holdings:
Women and housing : an international analysis by Kennett, Patricia Ed. Publication: London & New York Routledge 2011 . xvi,247,ip. , CONTENTS List of tables vii List of figures ix List of contributors x Acknowledgements xiv List of abbreviations xv 1 Introduction: women and housing systems 1 Chan Kam Wah and Patricia Kennett 2 Women's housing rights: is anything wrong with the international norm? 11 Ingrid Westendorp 3 Women and housing: the Australian experience 22 Selina Tually 4 Women and housing affordability in the United States 52 Elizabeth A. Mulroy 5 Social change and housing systems: the case of women in Spain 71 Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway and Teresa Sanchez-Martinez 6 Women's housing in Sweden 96 Ingrid Sahlin 7 Women, housing and citizenship in Great Britain 116 Patricia Kennett 8 Moving beyond the standard family model: the emerging housing situations of women in Japan 133 Richard Ronald and Mieko Hinokidani 9 Neo-liberalization and the invisibility of women's housing problems in Taiwan 152 Herng-Dar Bih and Yi-Ling Chen 10A gender study on housing rights of women in urban China: case study of a single-parent female domestic workers' group 171 Guo Hui-min 11Women and housing inequalities in Hong Kong 187 Chan Kam Wah 12Conclusion 203 Patricia Kennett Notes 206 References 215 Index 243 Holdings: CEPT Library (363.592 KEN) .
Women and the law by Kant, Anjani Publication: New Delhi APH Pubg. Corp. 2008 . xxxvi,503p. , CONTENTS Preface v List of cases ix Abbreviation xxxv 1. Introduction 1 2. A historical study of position of women in India 21 (i) Position of Women during Vedic period (ii) Position of Women in Epic period (iii) Position of Women in Mauryan period (iv) Position of Women in Mughal period (v) Position of Woman during the British Rule (vi) Position of Woman after Independence 3. Constitution and Indian Woman 157 4. Position of Indian Women in their respective personal laws,viz.,of Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Parsi & Jew - A special study of respective Personal Laws 217 5. Martial Rights of Women in pre Legislation Era & post Legislation Era 305 6. Property Rights of Indian Women in their respective personal Laws - A comparative study with special reference to Hindu law & Muslim law 331 7. The right of Maintenance to Indian women in their respective domestic laws & Criminal Procedure Code - A thorough study of Shah Bano's Case387 8. The study of social & economic condition of Indian women in seeking Constitutional and legal protection 419 9. Emancipation of Indian Women - How far and to what extenr Real - A Socio - Legal Study 437 10. Conclusion 443 Bibliography 485 Index 495 Holdings: CEPT Library (342.0878 KAN) .
Women architects and modernism in India narratives and contemporary practices by Desai, Madhavi Publication: London Routledge 2017 . xxii,408p. Holdings: CEPT Library Reference (720.82 DES) .
Women architects in India : histories of practice in Mumbai and Delhi by Woods, Mary N. Publication: Oxon Routledge 2017 . xiii,221p. Holdings: CEPT Library (720.82 WOO) .
Women architects in the modern movement (only online access) by Espegel Alonso, Carmen Publication: . 1 online resource ; 280p. Holdings: CEPT Library (Online resource) .
Women empowerment through entrepreneurship by Lavanya, T. Publication: New Delhi New Century Publications 2010 . xv,213p. , CONTENTS: About the Book v Author's Profile vi Preface vii-ix 1. Entrepreneurship: Concepts and Dimensions 1-17 1.1 Concept of Entrepreneurship 1.2 Entrepreneurship and Economic Development 1.3 Entrepreneurship and Social Organisation 1.4 Functions of Entrepreneurship 1.4.1 Innovation Function 1.4.2 Group Level Pattern Function 1.4.3 Leadership Function 1.4.4 Organisation Building Function 1.4.5 High Achievement Function 1.4.6 Input-completing and Gap Filling Function 1.4.7 Status Withdrawal Function 1.4.8 Social, Political and Economic Functions 1.5 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs 1.6 Entrepreneurship Development in India 1.7 Women Entrepreneurship in India 1.7.1 First Phase: 1947-83 1.7.2 Second Phase: 1983-90 1.7.3 Third Phase: 1991 Onwards 1.8 Motivation for Entrepreneurship among Women 2. Literature on Processes of Entrepreneurship Development 2.1 Processes of Entrepreneurship Development 18-48 2.2 Entrepreneurship: General 2.3 Entrepreneurship: Characteristics and Motivation 2.4 Entrepreneurship: Selection and Training 2.5 Institutional Support for Entrepreneurship 2.6 Women Entrepreneurship 2.7 Entrepreneurship Training Programmes 2.8 Models of Entrepreneurship Development 3. Role of Women in Economic Development 49-73 3.1 Gender and Development Approach (GAD) 3.2 Role of Gender in Economic Development 3.3 Concept and Status of Women Entrepreneurs 3.4 Strategies for Developing Women Entrepreneurship 3.5 National Policy for the Empowerment of Women, 2001 3.5.1 Objectives of the Policy 3.5.2 Politico-legal Empowerment of Women 3.5.3 Economic Empowerment of Women 3.5.4 Social Empowerment of Women 3.5.5 Operational Strategies 4. Problems of Women Entrepreneurs in India 4.1 Barriers Faced by Women Entrepreneurs 74-81 4.1.1 Lack of Confidence 4.1.2 Lack of Working Capital 4.1.3 Socio-Cultural Barriers 4.2 Functions and Role of Women Entrepreneurs 4.3 Problems of Women Entrepreneurs 4.3.1 Financial Constraints 4.3.2 Over-dependence on Intermediaries 4.3.3 Scarcity of Raw Materials 4.3.4 Intense Competition 4.3.5 High Cost of Production 4.3.6 Low Mobility 4.3.7 Family Ties 4.3.8 Social Attitudes 4.3.9 Adverse Effects of Risk Bearing 4.3.10 Lack of Education 4.3.11 Low Need for Achievement 5. Efforts to Increase Women Entrepreneurship in India 82-96 5.1 Role of Government 5.2 Role of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) 5.3 Role of Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) 5.4 Micro Credit Programme 5.5 Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) 5.6 Women Entrepreneurship Development (WED) Programme 5.6.1 Pre-training Stage 5.6.2 Training Stage 5.6.3 Post-training Stage 5.6.4 Awareness Building and Networking 5.6.5 Sensitization Workshops and Networking 5.6.6 Identification and Selection of Potential Women Entrepreneurs 5.6.7 Selection of Tools and Techniques 5.6.8 Curriculum Development 5.6.9 Detailed Curriculum for WED 6. Programmes and Schemes for Women Entrepreneurs 6.1 Small Industry Development Bank of India's97-118 (SIDBI) Scheme of Assistance for Women Entrepreneurs 6.2 Bank of India's Priyadarshini Yojana 6.2.1 Scheme of Interest Subsidy for Women Entrepreneurs 6.3 Industrial Development Bank of India's (IDBI) Mahila Udyam Nidhi (MUN) Scheme 6.4 Mahila Vikas Nidhi (MVN) Scheme 6.5 State Bank of India's (SBI) Stree Shakti Package 6.6 Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-12) on Women Empowerment 6.6.1 Status of Women 6.6.2 Work and Employment 6.6.3 Unorganized Sector 6.6.4 Home-based Workers 6.6.5 Services Sector 6.6.6 Women in the Unorganized Sector 6.6.7 Women in Agriculture 6.6.8 Land Rights for Women 6.6.9 Impact of Globalisation and Eleventh Plan Strategy 6.6.10 Women in the Services Sector 6.6.11 Skill Development 6.6.12 Homes and Homesteads for Poor Women 6.6.13 Self-Help Groups 6.6.14 Social Empowerment 6.6.15 Political Empowerment 6.6.16 Effective Implementation of Women Related Legislations 6.6.17 Gender Mainstreaming and Strengthening Delivery Mechanisms 6.6.18 Eleventh Plan Schemes 7. Training and Motivation of Women Entrepreneurs 7.1 Introduction119-138 7.2 Emphasis on Women Entrepreneurship Development 7.3 Emphasis on Small Enterprise Development 7.4 Training and Motivating of Women Entrepreneurs 7.5 Inter-agency Co-operation 7.6 Effectiveness of Programmes/Courses 7.7 Methodology of Training 7.8 Motivation of Women Entrepreneurs 7.9 Identification of Potential Women Entrepreneurs 7.10 Selection of Potential Women Entrepreneurs 7.11 Guidance of Women Entrepreneurs 7.12 Adequacy of Skills to Impart Training 7.12.1 Conceptualising Entrepreneurial and Behavioural Skills 7.12.2 Learning and Practicing Entrepreneurial Behavioural Skills 7.13 Preparation of Feasibility Report 7.13.1 Project Idea 7.13.2 Techno Economic Analysis 7.13.3 Project Design and Network Analysis 7.13.4 Input Analysis 7.13.5 Financial Analysis 7.13.6 Cost Benefit Analysis 7.13.7 Pre-investment Analysis 7.13.8 General Information 7.13.9 Preliminary Analysis of Alternatives 7.13.10 Project Description 7.13.11 Marketing Plan 7.13.12 Capital Requirements and Costs 7.13.13 Operating Requirements and Costs 7.13.14 Economic Analysis 7.14 Post-training Contact of Institutions 8. Institutions Engaged in Promoting Women Entrepreneurship 8.1 National Institute of Small Industry Extension139-146 8.1.1 Stimulatory Activities 8.1.2 Support Functions 8.1.3 Sustaining Functions s.2 Directorate/Commissionerate of Industries 8.3 District Industries Centre (DIG) 8.4 State Financial Corporations (SFCs) 8.5 Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) 8.5.1 Objectives of KVIC 8.6 Small Industries Service Institute (SISI) 8.7 National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) 8.8 Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) Appendix: Women Entrepreneurship in Andhra Pradesh: A Case Study 14 Bibliography 189 - 204 Index 205-214 Holdings: CEPT Library (305.420954 LAV) .
Women in the face of globalisation. by Bhuimali, Anil Ed. Publication: New Delhi Serials Pubs. 2007 . xxi,356p. Holdings: CEPT Library (305.40954 BHU) .
Women status and empowerment in India by Mishra, Shyam Kartik Publication: New Delhi New Century Publications 2012 . xxvi,276p. , CONTENTS About the Book v About the Author vi Preface xvi-xxii English Equivalens of Some Hindi Terms xxiii Abbreviations/Acronyms xxiv/xxvi 1. Women and Society : An Introduction 1-21 2.Constitutional and Legal Safeguards for Women in India 22-29 3. Institutional Mechanism for Advancement of Women 30-39 4. Categorisation of Vulnerable Groups of Women 40-50 5. National Policy for Empowerment of Women (NPEW), 2001 51-63 6. Women Workers in India 64-86 7. Economic Empowerment of Women 87-132 8. Social Empowerment of Women 133-156 9. Political Empowerment of Women 157-179 10.Welfare, Development and Empowerment of Women in India's Five Year Plans 180-187 11.Human Rights and Violence against Women 188-194 12.Protecting the Girl child 195-199 13.Women and the Environment 200-202 Appendix 1: Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing, 1995) and the Beijing Platform for Action (PFA) 203-235 Appendix 2: Edited Extracts from India's Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-12) on Women Welfare and Development 236-262 Bibliography 263-268 Index 269-276 Holdings: CEPT Library (305.40954 MIS) .
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Women's issues in transportation summary of the 4th international conference. Vol.1 : conference overview and plenary papers September 27-30, 2009 Irvine, California by Herbel, Susan Publication: Washington D.C. Transportation Research Board 2010 . xiv,131p. , CONTENTS PREFACE v PART 1-CONFERENCE OVERVIEW INTRODUCTION 3 Susan Herbel and Danena Gaines FRAMING THE ISSUES 5 Women's Travel Issues: Creating Knowledge, Improving Policy, and Making Changc 5 Martin Wachs Gender, Poverty, and Transportation in the Developing World 6 Ananya Roy CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS, WOMEN'S TRAVEL PATTERNS, AND TRANSPORTATION POLICY 7 Women's Travel in Developed and Developing Countries: Two Versions of the Same Story? 7 Sandra Rosenbloom and Maryvonne Plessis-Fraissard Her Money or Her Time? A Gendered View of Contemporary Transportation Policy 7 Genevieve Giuliano and Lisa Schweitzer Topics for Further Research 8 WOMEN'S TRAVEL PATTERNS AND BEHAVIOR 9 A Commitment to Continue? Comparing Women and Men Commuters Who Choose Transit over Driving Alone . 9 jane Could and Jiangping Zhou Changing Travel Patterns of Women in the Netherlands. 9 Marie-Jose Olde Kalter, Peter Jorritsma, and J.ucas Harms Topics for Further Research 10 MOBILITY AND SAFETY ISSUES FOR YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS 11 Young Women's Transportation and Labor Market Experiences 11 I'iyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah, Lei Tang, and Shashi Menchu What Is the Role of Mothers in Transit-Oriented Development? The Case of Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe, Japan 11 E. Owen D. Waygood Topics for Further Research 12 MOBILITY ISSUES IN AFRICA AND ASIA 13 What Do Existing Household Surveys Tell Us about Gender and Transportation in Developing Countries P 13 Julie Babinard and Kinnon Scott Understood, Misunderstood, or Ignored: Poverty, Place, Gender, and Intracity Transportation in the Philippmcs 14 Roselle Leaf? Kolipano River a Appreciation of Gender Difference in Development of Qualitative Level of Service for Sidewalks 14 Purnima Parida and Manomnjan Parida Topics for Further Research 14 ATTITUDES AND PREFERENCES 15 Creatively Committed or Burdened with Worry? Talking About Travel and Environmental Issues as a Way of ''Doing Gender 15 Em my Dahl Gender Differences in the Value of Commuting Time: FVidencc from a Household Model of Subjective Life Satisfaction in Sweden 15 Kandice Kreamer Eults, Gunnar Lsacsson, and Anders Karlstrom Topics for Further Research 16 GENDER EQUALITY AND EQUITY ISSUES 17 Gender-Equal Transportation System: Legal Study for Implementation of Gender Equality Responsibility in the Transportation Sector 17 Wanna Svedberg Gender Equality: A Key Tool for Reaching Sustainablc Development in the Transport Sector 18 Merritt Polk Topics for Further Research 18 GENDER EQUALITY IN TRANSPORTATION IN SWEDEN 19 Gender Equality as Subsidiary Objective of Swedish Transport Policy: What Has Happened Since 2004? 19 Asa Vagland Vision Meets Practice: Planning for a Gender-Equal Transportation System in Sweden 20 Malin Renriksson Gender Mainstreaming in Transportation: The Impact of Management Control 20 Eva Wittbom Topics tor Further Research 20 INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRY LEADERS Ranel 21 Martin Wachs, Therese McMillan, Gina-Marie Lindsey, Konnie Nelson, and Maria Mehranian WOMEN'S TRANSPORTATION SAFETY AND PERSONAL SECURITY 23 Road User Safety: Women's Issues 23 Lidia /'. Kosiyniuk What Is Blocking Her Path? Women, Mobility, arid Security 23 Anastasia J.oukaitou-Sideris Topics for Further Research 24 OLDER WOMEN'S SAFE MOBILITY 25 Driving Miss Daisy: Older Women as Passengers 25 Nancy McCluckin, Heather Contrmo, Hikari (Yitki) Nakamoto, and Adella Santos Traffic Violations Versus Driving Errors: Implications tor Older Female Drivers. 26 Shemlene Classen, Grit Shechtman, Yangsung Joo, Kezia D. Awadzi, and Desiree Lanford Older Women's Safe Mobility: Extending the Amount Women Drivc 26 Christopher Mitchell, presenting on behalf of John W. Eberhard Discussant 26 Heather Kothenberg Topics for Further Research 27 PERSONAL SECURITY ISSUES 28 Abandon AH Hope, Ye Who Enter Here: Understanding the Problem of Eve Teasing in Chennai, India 28 Sheila Mitra-Sarkar and P. Partheeban Women-Only Passenger Rail Cars in japan 28 Etsuko Tsunozaki Crime Travel of Female Offenders in Manchester, England 29 Ned Levine and Palsy Lee Topics for Further Research 29 DRIVER BEHAVIOR AND CRASHES 30 Investigation of Differences in Crash Characteristics Between Males and Ecrnales Involved in a Fatigue-Related Crash or Close-Call Event 30 Kerry Armstrong, Patricia Obst, Kerrie Livingstone, and Narelle. Haworth Spatial Variation in Motor Vehicle Crashes by Gender in the Houston, Texas, Metropolitan Area. 31 Ned Levine Female Involvement in U.S. Fatal Crashes Under a Three-Level Hierarchical Crash Model: Mediating and Moderating Eactors 31 Eduardo Romano, Tara Kelley-Eaker, and Pedro Torres Understanding the Role of Gender and the Built Environment in Teen Motor Vehicle Crashes: Analysis of 16- to 19-Year-Olds in North Carolina. 31 Norecn McDonald and Amanda Dwelley Topics for Further Research 32 EXTREME EVENTS: MOBILITY AND SAFETY ISSUES FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN TIMES OF CRISIS 33 Impacts of Family Responsibilities and Car Availability on Households' No-Notice Evacuation Time 33 Pamela Murray-Tuite, Lisa A. Schweitzer, and Sirui Liu Inequality of Impacts: Women's Experiences in Extreme Events. 33 Beverly G. Ward and Margaretbe Kusenbach Women's Concerns in Extreme Events: A Call for Examination of Emergency Planning, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation 34 Evangeline Franklin Topics for Further Research 34 EFFECTS OF GENDER ON MOBIE1TY 35 Sources of the Narrowing and Widening of Travel Differences by Gender 35 Randall Crane and Lois Takahasbi Effects of Gender on Commuter Behavior Changes in the Context of Major Freeway Reconstruction 35 Patricia L, Mokhtarian, Liang Ye, and Meiping Yun Discussant. 36 Sandra Rosenbloom Topics for Further Research 36 WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? CONSTRUCTING A RESEARCH AGENDA 37 Developing a Research Needs Statement. 37 Susan Herbel LOOKING TO THE FUTURE 38 PART 2-PLENARY PAPERS WOMEN'S TRAVEL ISSUES: CREATING KNOWLEDGE, IMPROVING POLICY, AND MAKING CHANGE 41 Martin Wachs Exploring Gender and Mobility 42 Insights from History 43 Taking Stock: Research Accomplishments and Needs 44 Conclusion 48 GENDER, POVERTY, AND TRANSPORTATION IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD 50 Ananya Roy Millennium Development Goals: Integrating Gender 50 Whither Transportation? 52 From Women to Gender 53 Case Study 1: Commute Against Hunger 54 Case Study 2: Making Peace with the World-Class City 56 Conclusion: Transportation Justice, Transnational Analysis 58 WOMEN'S TRAVEL IN DEVELOPED AND DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: TWO VKRSIONS OF THE SAME STORY? 63 Satidra Rosenbloom and Maryuonne Plessis-Fraissard Societal Trends 64 The Global South: Women's Travel Patterns, Attitudes, and Preferences 66 Developing Countries: Women's Travel Patterns, Attitudes, and Preferences 69 Investigating Women's Travel and Translating It into Policies and Programs 72 Summary and Conclusions 73 HER MONEY OR HER TIME: A GENDERED VIEW OF CONTEMPORARY TRANSPORT POLICY 78 Gencvieve Giuliano and Lisa Schweitzer Gendered Time: Working and Caring. 79 New Finance Schemes and Women's Travel 81 Public Transit Trends and Women's Travel 84 Summary 89 Ideas for Transportation Planning and Policy 90 ROAD USER SAFETY: WOMEN'S ISSUES 94 Lidia P. Kostyniuk Motor Vehicle Fatalities. 94 Risky Driving Behaviors 97 Survivability in Crashes 99 Summary and Research Needs 100 WHAT IS BLOCKING HER PATH? WOMEN, MOBILITY, AND SECURITY 103 Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris Women's Restricted Mobility 104 Women's Fear of Public Spaces: Facts and Fallacies 105 Fear of Transportation Environments 107 Women's Distinct Safety and Security Needs 108 (Lack of) Response of U.S. Transit Operators. 110 Initiatives Tackling Women's Transportation Needs 111 Taking Stock: What Is Promising; What Needs to Happen 116 APPENDICES APPENDIX A: Technical Papers in Volume 2 125 APPENDIX B: Special Workshop on the History of Women in Transportation: How Can We Plan for the Future if We Don't Understand the Past? 127 APPENDIX C: Poster Session 128 Holdings: CEPT Library (388.082 HER) .
Women's movement and women's education in India. by Patel, Ila Publication: 1998 . ii, 28p. Holdings: CEPT Library Sch. of Planning (305.40954 PAT) .
Women's safety in public transport : a case of Delhi (Also available on CD) by Kapoor, Ankita (PP0001016) Publication: 2018 . xxi,92p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (P TH-2221 KAP) .
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