L3-FA-Urban Housing as a product of Type, Density & Systems

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Affordable housing in the urban global South seeking sustainable solutions by Bredenoord, Jan & Others Eds. Publication: London Routledge 2014 . xxvi,411,ip. , CONTENTS List of figures xi List of tables xiii List of boxes xv Notes on contributors xvi Foreword: Housing in an urban planet. Seeking the nexus housing- sustainable urbanization by Claudio Aciolyjr. xxi Acknowledgements xxv 1 Introduction: governance, sustainability and affordability of low-income housing 1 Peer Smets,Jan Bredenoord and Paul van Linden PARTI Thematic perspectives 15 Introduction to Part I 15 Peer Smets, Paul van Lindert and Jan Bredenoord 2 Policy and politics in urban land market management: lessons from experience 19 Geoffrey Payne 3 The new political economy of affordable housing finance and urban development 40 Bruce Ferguson, Peer Smets and David Mason 4 Backing the self-builders: assisted self-help housing as a sustainable housing provision strategy 55 Jan Bredenoord and Paul van Lindert 5 The resilience of self-built housing to natural hazards 73 Earl Kessler 6 Renting a home: the need for a policy response 87 Alan Gilbert 7 Housing cooperatives in the developing world 102 Sukumar Ganapati 8 The transnational experience of community-led development: the affordable shelter challenge 117 Beth Chitekwe-Biti, Sheela Patel and Diana Mitlin PART II Asia 133 Introduction to Part II 133 Peer Smets,Jan Bredenoord and Paul van Lindert 9 New frontiers and challenges for affordable housing provision in India 137 Urmi Sengupta 10 How the poor house themselves in Pakistan today 154 Arif Hasan 11 Self-help housing in Indonesia 166 Devisari Tunas and Laksmi T. Darmoyono 12 Community contracting in neighbourhood improvement and housing: Indonesia and Pakistan 181 Florian Steinberg 13 Housing futures: housing for the poor in Sri Lanka 192 Sharadbalajoshi and M. Sohail Khan 14 Affordable housing policies in urban China 204 Mingye Li and Jean-Claude Driant Part III Latin America 219 Introduction to Part III 219 Tan Bredenoord, Paul van Linden and Peer Smets 15 Affordable housing for low-income groups in Mexico and urban housing challenges of today 223 Jan Bredenoord and Lorena Cabrem Montiel 16 Half a century of self-help in Brazil 241 Suzana Pasternak and Camila D'Ottaviano 17 Housing policy in Colombia 256 Alan Gilbert 18 Incremental housing in Peru and the role of the social housing sector 271 Ana Maria Ferndndez-Maldonado 19 From shortage reduction to a wellbeing approach: changing paradigms in Ecuadorian housing policies 286 Christien Klaufus and Laura Cedres Perez 20 Self-help housing and upcoming policies for affordable housing in Nicaragua 300 Jan Bredenoord and Bart van der Meulen PART IV Africa 317 Introduction to Part IV 317 Paul van Lindertjan Bredenoord and Peer Smets 21 Pathways towards self-help housing innovations in Egypt 321 Ahmed M. Soliman 22 Changing housing policy in South Africa 336 Marie Huchzermeyer 23 Dashed hopes? Public-private partnership and sustainable urban low-income housing delivery in Nigeria 349 Uche Cosmas Ikejiofor 24 Housing and the urban poor in Kenya: opportunities for increased partnerships and innovative practices 363 Boh Hcndriks 25 Urban low-income housing in Ghana 381 Paul W. K. Yankson and Kathcrinc V Gough Conclusion 395 26 Pro-poor housing policies revisited: where do we go from here? 397 Paul van Lindcrt, Peer Sniets and Jan Brcdcnoord Index 404 Holdings: CEPT Library (363.50954 BRE) .
Elemental : incremental housing and participatory design manual by Aravena, Alejandro Publication: Alemania Hatje Cantz 2013 . 509,iip. Holdings: CEPT Library (728 ARA) .
How the other half builds. Vol.1 : space. by Rybczynski, Witold & others Publication: Canada Center for Minimum Cost Housing 1990 Holdings: CEPT Library Sch. of Planning (728.1 RYB) .
How the other half builds. Vol.2 : plots by Barquin, Carlos & others Publication: Canada McGill Uni. 1986 . iii, 53p. , ENG Holdings: CEPT Library Sch. of Architecture (728.1 BAR) .
How the other half builds. Vol.3 : the self-selection process. by Bhatt, Vikram & others Publication: Canada Center for Minimum Cost Housing 1990 . 44p. Holdings: CEPT Library Sch. of Planning (728.1 BHA) .
Living ideals : designs for housing by Charles Correa by Gameren, Dick van Publication: Goa Charles Correa Foundation 2018 . 79p. Holdings: CEPT Library (728 GAM) .
State of housing Vol.1 : housing in India - aspirations, imaginaries and realities by Mehrotra, Rahul Ed. Publication: Mumbai Urban Design Research Institute 2018 . 267,vp. Holdings: CEPT Library (363.5 MEH) .
State of housing Vol.2 : housing in India - mapping of precedents and prototypes by Mehrotra, Rahul Ed. Publication: Mumbai Urban Design Research Institute 2018 . 384p. Holdings: CEPT Library (363.5 MEH) .
The path finders ..3 : a compilation of selected projects : low cost housing design competition 1980 and low cost housing competition (urban) 1979. by Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd. Publication: New Delhi Housing & Urban Devp. Co. Ltd. . 44p. Holdings: CEPT Library Sch. of Planning (728.1 H.U.D) .
Urban housing and slums by Jain, A. K. Publication: New Delhi Readworthy Publication Pvt. Ltd. 2009 . vi,394p.;CD-Rom , CONTENTS 1. Introduction 1 2. Shelter for the Urban Poor 13 3. Growth and Rehabilitation of Slums in Delhi 44 4. Community Based Slum Rehousing 135 5. Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme (IHSDP) 158 6. Rehabilitation of Slum Dwellers : Mumbai 180 7. Security of Land Tenure 193 8. Public Housing Transformation 204 9. Policy to Incentivise Private Sector in Social Housing213 10. Towards Housing for All 223 11. Infrastructure Services and Housing Development264 12. Grown and Regularisation of Unauthorised Colonies273 13. The Emergency Shelter 307 14. Housing Development and Design 317 15. 'Systems' based Housing Production 330 16. Cost Reduction in Construction of Shelter 358 Bibliography 372 Index 385 Holdings: CEPT Library (711.58 JAI) .
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