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Alone together : by Cromley, Elizabeth Collins Publication: Ithaca Cornell University Press 1990 . xv,252p. Holdings: CEPT Library (728.3140974 CRO) .
Apartment buildings plan atlas by Chueca, Pilar Publication: Singapore Page One Pub. 2009 . 511p. Holdings: CEPT Library Reference (728.314 CHU) .
At home by Bryson, Bill Publication: Great Britain Doubleday 2010 . vii,536p. Holdings: CEPT Library (155.9 BRY) .
At home an anthropology of domestic space by Cieraad, Irene Ed. Publication: New York Syracuse university press 1999 . xiii,184p. Holdings: CEPT Library (728 CIE) .
Beyond live/work : the architecture of home-based work by Holliss, Frances Publication: New York Routledge 2015 . vi,231p. Holdings: CEPT Library (728 HOL) .
Elite and everyman : the cultural politics of the Indian middle classes by Baviskar, Amita Ed Publication: New Delhi Routledge 2011 . xii,468p. , CONTENTS List of Abbreviations vii Glossary ix Acknowledgements xi 1. Introduction 1 Amita Baviskar and Raka Ray Who are the middle classes? Economy, politics and history 2. The Growth and Sectoral Composition of India's Middle Classes: Their Impact on the Politics of Economic Liberalization 27 E. Sridharan 3. Hegemony and Inequality: Theoretical Reflections on India's 'New' Middle Class 58 Leela Fernandcs 4. The Spectre of Comparisons: Studying the Middle Class of Colonial India 83 San jay Joshi 5. From Landed Class to Middle Class: Rajput Adaptation in Rajasthan 108 Sitsannc Hoebcr Rudolph and Lloyd I. Rudolph 6. Are Rich Rural Jats Middle-class? 140 Roger Jeff cry Pairicia Jeff cry and Craig Jeffrey Being and becoming middle-class: Work, domesticity and consumption 7. Software and the 'New' Middle Class in the New India 167 Carol Upadhy 8.Gender, the IT Revolution and the Making of a Middle-class India 193 Smitha Radhakrishnan 9. The Middle-class Child: Ruminations on Failure 220 Nita Kumar 10. The Middle Classes at Home 246 Seemin Qayum and Raka Ray 11. The Sexual Character of the Indian Middle Class: Sex Surveys, Past and Present 271 Patricia Uberoi 12. Privatization, Profit and the Public: The Consequences of Neoliberal Reforms Working Live 300 Riickim Ganguly-Scrase and Timothy J. Scmse Middle-class politics, citizenship and the public sphere 13. The Obscenity of Censorship: Rethinking a Middle-class Technology 327 William Mazzarella 14. Urban Spaces, Disney-divinity and the Moral Middle Classes in Delhi 364 Sanjay Srivastava 15. Cows, Cars and Cycle-rickshaws: Bourgeois Environmentalists and the Battle for Delhi's Streets 391 Ainita Baviskar Bibliography 4 19 About th.e Editors 451 Notes on Contributors 453 Index 459 Holdings: CEPT Library (305.550954 BAV ) .
Emergence of the interior : architecture, modernity, domesticity by Rice, Charles Publication: London & New York Routledge 2007 . xii,161,ip. , Contents Illustration Creditsix Acknowledgementsxi Introduction1 Part1: Orientations 7 1 Irrecoverable inhabitations: Walter Benjamin and histories of the interior 9 2 Lost objects: Sigmund Freud's psychonalytical interior 37 Part 2: Trajectories 55 3 Imagining the interior: plan and comfort 57 4 Consuming the interior: Geography and identity75 5 Recognizing the interior: Space and image 94 Conclusion: Mediatized domesticity112 Notes 120 Bibliography 149 Index 158 Holdings: CEPT Library (747.88 RIC) , CEPT Library (747.88 RIC) .
Floor plan manual housing by Heckmann, Oliver & Others Eds. Publication: Basel Birkhauser 2018 . 368p. Holdings: CEPT Library General (728 HEC) .
Grundribatlas wohnungsbau : floor plan atlas housing. by Schneider, Friederike Ed. Publication: Basel Birkhauser Verleg 1997 . 295p. Holdings: CEPT Library Landscape Archi. (728 SCH) .
History of housing in New York city by Plunz, Richard Publication: New York Columbia University Press 2016 . xlvi,460p. Holdings: CEPT Library (363.50974 JAC) .
Home : by Rybczynski, Witold Publication: New Delhi Penguin Books India (P) Ltd.; 1987 . xii,256,iip. Holdings: CEPT Library (728.019 RYB) .
House, but no garden : by Rao, Nikhil Publication: Minneapolis University of Minnesota Press 2013 . ix,300p. Holdings: CEPT Library (728.314 RAO) .
Housing and dwelling : perspectives on modern domestic architecture. by Lane, Barbara Miller Publication: London & New York Routledge 2007 . xii,467p. Holdings: CEPT Library (728 LAN) .
Housing design and society in Amsterdam : reconfiguring urban order and identity, 1900-1920 by Stieber, Nancy Publication: Chicago University of Chicago Press 1998 . viii,386p. Holdings: CEPT Library (363.59 STI) .
Living over the store : architecture and local urban life by Davis Howard Publication: London Routledge 2012 . viii,256p. , CONTENTS Preface vi Introduction1 A quintessential urban building Part I: THE SHOP/HOUSE AS A GLOBAL PHENOMENON 11 1 Shophouses of Asia 15 2 The shop in the palazzo 33 3 Merchants' houses of northern and western Europe 49 4 From London to Main Street 67 Part II: THE FABRIC OF EVERYDAY LIFE 85 5 Living and working in the city 89 6 The geography of mixed uses 99 7 Adaptable buildings and flexible economics 115 8 The architecture of hybrid types 141 Part IlI : THE DEATH AND LIFE OFTHE MODEST SHOP/HOUSE 171 9 The gradual separation of family and business 175 10 The building culture of the divided city 189 11 Toward a resilient urbanism 203 Conclusion 229 Hybrid urban practice Bibliography 233 Index 251 Plates between pp. 120-121 Holdings: CEPT Library (728.314 DAV) .
Medieval domesticity : by Kowaleski, Maryanne Publication: Delhi Cambridge University Press 2011 . xiv,317p. Holdings: CEPT Library (306.850942 KOW) .
Modern housing prototypes. by Sherwood, Roger Publication: New York,Cambridge etc Harvard Uni. Press 1978 . 169p. Holdings: CEPT Library Sch. of Architecture (728.31 SHE) .
Modernity and housing. by Rowe, Peter G. Publication: Massachusetts,Cambridge etc MIT Press 1993 . ix;408p. Holdings: CEPT Library Urban Design (363.509 ROW) .
Negotiating domesticity : by Heynen, Hilde Ed. Publication: Oxon Routledge 2005 . xiii,322p. Holdings: CEPT Library (720.103 HEY) .
State of housing Vol.1 : housing in India - aspirations, imaginaries and realities by Mehrotra, Rahul Ed. Publication: Mumbai Urban Design Research Institute 2018 . 267,vp. Holdings: CEPT Library (363.5 MEH) .
State of housing Vol.2 : housing in India - mapping of precedents and prototypes by Mehrotra, Rahul Ed. Publication: Mumbai Urban Design Research Institute 2018 . 384p. Holdings: CEPT Library (363.5 MEH) .
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