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Post-modernism.   Publication: London,England etc Architectural Press 1976 . 238-296p. Holdings: CEPT Library , Sch. of Architecture (724.6) . Log in to add tags.
EIA : Socio economic. Vol.2. 11 to 13 Oct. 2012. Organised by Anchor Institute for Infrastructure Sector. Promoted by Industries Commissionerate, Govt. of Gujarat (3 - day course on environmental impact assessment) by Acharya, Srawan Kumar (Course Director) Publication: Ahmedabad CEPT Uni. 2012 . ..p. , CONTENTS 1 EIA and SIA: Overview Prof. (Or) AKARathi 1-1 to 1-9 2 Introduction to SEIA- Concept, Definition, Objectives, Applications and Approaches Prof. (Dr) Shrawan Kumar Acharya 2-1 to 2-17 3 SEIA Methodology: Step-by Step Prof. (Dr} Anil Kumar Roy 3-1 to 3-11 4 Stakeholders Consultations and Community Mobilization for SIA Dr Binoy Acharya 4-1 to 4-8 5 R&R Policies and Applications Prof. (Dr) C.N. Ray 5-1 to 5 -13 6 SEIA Case Study- Mining Sector Prof. Tushar Bose 6-1 to 6-18 7 SEIA Case Study: Roads and Highway Projects Prof. Anurima Basu 7-1 to 7-11 8 SEIA and Livelihood for Tribal and Non-tribal populations Prof. Ravi Sannabhadti 8-1 to 8-12 9 SIA Using GIS: Case of Teesta River Basin Prof. Ajay Katun 9-1 to 9-19 10 Social Impact Management Plan: Monitoring and Evaluations Prof. Subhrangu Goswami 10-1 to 10-22 Holdings: CEPT Library (330 ACH) .
Assessing environmental impact assessment follow-up in India : a case study of Gujarat ports (Also available on CD) by Agrawal, Priyal Publication: 2017 . v,78p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (CPM TH-0280 AGR) .
Study of the road transport greenhouse gas emission of private vehicles : a case of Bhopal city, Madhya Pradesh (Also available on CD) by Basing, Kasmita Publication: 2015 . xvi,56,Map,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (P TH-1826 BAS) .
Implementation of plastic waste (management and handling) rule-2011 ; case study : Ahmedabad city by Bhagat, Chintan Publication: 2012 . 54p. Holdings: CEPT Library (MIEM TH-0017 BHA) .
Detailed project report on waste treatment plant and sewage treatment plant for Gujarat international finance tec city (Also available on CD) by Bhargava, Ishita Publication: 2016 . A-I,124p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (MIED TH-0070 BHA) .
Development of norms for green spaces through the domain of carbon sequestration by Bose, Tushar Arunkumar Publication: 2010 . x,58p. Holdings: CEPT Library (P TH-1166 BOS) .
Decentralized water infrastructure : an alternatives for resource conservation in peri urban areas by Gandhi, Nidhi Publication: 2013 . xv,70,ip. Holdings: CEPT Library (MIEM TH-0036 GAN) .
Quality improvement for Vishwamitri river flowing through Vadodara city (Also available on CD) by Gandhi, Twisha Publication: 2016 . viii,78p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (MIED TH-0077 GAN) .
Recovery potential of landfill gases : a case study of Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Jani, Yash Publication: 2016 . 63p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (MIED TH-0079 JAN) .
Assessment of impacts on basic infrastructure due to increase in density along transit corridor : a case of Rajkot by Kansagara, Rajkumar G. Publication: 2012 . 111p.2 Plats. Holdings: CEPT Library (MIEM TH-0022 KAN) .
Developments in structural form. by Mainstone, Rowland J. Publication: London,England etc Architectural Press 1998 . 381p. Holdings: CEPT Library , Sch. of Architecture (624.17 MAI) , CEPT Library , Sch. of Architecture (624.17 MAI) .
Water supply and source in rural region : a case study of villages of Gujarat (Also available on CD) by Mithaseth, Hatim S. Publication: 2013 . viii,48,ivp.CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (B TH-0526 MIT) .
Cost recovery practices in class : a cities of Gujarat by Nair, Manruj R. Publication: 2015 . xiv,52p. Holdings: CEPT Library (MIED TH-0051 NAI) .
Tourists in historic towns : urban conservation and heritage management. by Orbasli, Aylin Publication: London E & FN Spon 2000 . ix,210p. Holdings: CEPT Library , Sch. of Architecture (711.5288 ORB) .
Feasibility of decentralised waste water treatment plant for a slum (Also available on CD) by Paradva, Gunjan K. Publication: 2016 . vi,55p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (MIED TH-0069 PAR) .
Conservation of natural habitat case : Jessore and Balaram Ambaji wildlife sanctuary, Banaskantha division, Gujarat (Also available on CD) by Parikh, Dhara Publication: 2008 . xiii,84,xiiip.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (LA TH-0115 PAR) .
Identifying and measuring the impact of landfill on quality of ground water by Parmar, Jay Bharatkumar (UC6413) Publication: 2018 . xiv,1-8,56p. Holdings: CEPT Library (B TH-0781 PAR) .
Solid waste management case study - Palanpur by Patel, Arkesh R. Publication: 2012 . xvii,83p. Holdings: CEPT Library (MIEM TH-0015 PAT) .
Space-Narrations, story telling through the films of Wes Anderson (Softcopy is also available) by Patel, Dhruv (UI1014) Publication: 2019 . xiv,192p. Holdings: CEPT Library (I TH-0428 PAT) .
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