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Post-modernism.   Publication: London,England etc Architectural Press 1976 . 238-296p. Holdings: CEPT Library , Sch. of Architecture (724.6) . Log in to add tags.
EIA : Socio economic. Vol.2. 11 to 13 Oct. 2012. Organised by Anchor Institute for Infrastructure Sector. Promoted by Industries Commissionerate, Govt. of Gujarat (3 - day course on environmental impact assessment) by Acharya, Srawan Kumar (Course Director) Publication: Ahmedabad CEPT Uni. 2012 . ..p. , CONTENTS 1 EIA and SIA: Overview Prof. (Or) AKARathi 1-1 to 1-9 2 Introduction to SEIA- Concept, Definition, Objectives, Applications and Approaches Prof. (Dr) Shrawan Kumar Acharya 2-1 to 2-17 3 SEIA Methodology: Step-by Step Prof. (Dr} Anil Kumar Roy 3-1 to 3-11 4 Stakeholders Consultations and Community Mobilization for SIA Dr Binoy Acharya 4-1 to 4-8 5 R&R Policies and Applications Prof. (Dr) C.N. Ray 5-1 to 5 -13 6 SEIA Case Study- Mining Sector Prof. Tushar Bose 6-1 to 6-18 7 SEIA Case Study: Roads and Highway Projects Prof. Anurima Basu 7-1 to 7-11 8 SEIA and Livelihood for Tribal and Non-tribal populations Prof. Ravi Sannabhadti 8-1 to 8-12 9 SIA Using GIS: Case of Teesta River Basin Prof. Ajay Katun 9-1 to 9-19 10 Social Impact Management Plan: Monitoring and Evaluations Prof. Subhrangu Goswami 10-1 to 10-22 Holdings: CEPT Library (330 ACH) .
Assessing environmental impact assessment follow-up in India : a case study of Gujarat ports (Also available on CD) by Agrawal, Priyal Publication: 2017 . v,78p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (CPM TH-0280 AGR) .
Orissa urban development project (government of Orissa). Vol.I (project prepared for world bank assistance as per the assignment of housing and urban development dept., government of Orissa) by All India Inst. of Local Self-Govt., Bombay Publication: Bombay,New Delhi etc All India Institute of Local Self Government . vi,74Bp.,2maps Holdings: CEPT Library (307.14160954 ALL) .
Study of the road transport greenhouse gas emission of private vehicles : a case of Bhopal city, Madhya Pradesh (Also available on CD) by Basing, Kasmita Publication: 2015 . xvi,56,Map,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (P TH-1826 BAS) .
Implementation of plastic waste (management and handling) rule-2011 ; case study : Ahmedabad city by Bhagat, Chintan Publication: 2012 . 54p. Holdings: CEPT Library (MIEM TH-0017 BHA) .
Detailed project report on waste treatment plant and sewage treatment plant for Gujarat international finance tec city (Also available on CD) by Bhargava, Ishita Publication: 2016 . A-I,124p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (MIED TH-0070 BHA) .
Development of norms for green spaces through the domain of carbon sequestration by Bose, Tushar Arunkumar Publication: 2010 . x,58p. Holdings: CEPT Library (P TH-1166 BOS) .
Institutional finance for housing development : a case study of Orissa. by Das, Chaudhury Satyabrata Publication: Ahmedabad CEPT Uni., School of Planning . i, 72p., iii Holdings: CEPT Library , Reference/P (M-0045 DAS) .
Decentralized water infrastructure : an alternatives for resource conservation in peri urban areas by Gandhi, Nidhi Publication: 2013 . xv,70,ip. Holdings: CEPT Library (MIEM TH-0036 GAN) .
Quality improvement for Vishwamitri river flowing through Vadodara city (Also available on CD) by Gandhi, Twisha Publication: 2016 . viii,78p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (MIED TH-0077 GAN) .
Buildings that shaped Bombay : works of G.B. Mhatre 1902-1973. by Iyer, Kamu Ed. Publication: Mumbai Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Inst. of Archi. & Envorn. Studies 2000 . 124p. Holdings: CEPT Library , Sch. of Architecture (720.92-M IYE) .
Recovery potential of landfill gases : a case study of Ahmedabad (Also available on CD) by Jani, Yash Publication: 2016 . 63p.,CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (MIED TH-0079 JAN) .
Construction project management : theory and practice by Jha, Kumar Neeraj Publication: New Delhi Pearson Education 2011 . xliii,657p. , CONTENTS List of Figures xxi List of Tables xxxi List of Boxes xxvii Foreword xxxix Preface xli About the Author xliii 1 Introduction 1 2 Project Organization 16 3 Construction Economics 44 4 Client's Estimation of Project Cost 92 5 Construction Contract 110 6 Construction Planning 142 7 Project Scheduling and Resource Levelling 197 8 Contractor's Estimation of Cost and Bidding Strategy 226 9 Construction Equipment Management 285 10 Construction Accounts Management 333 11 Construction Materials Management 365 12 Project Cost and Value Management 390 13 Construction Quality Management 414 14 Risk and Insurance in Construction 439 15 Construction Safety Management 457 16 Project Monitoring and Control System 494 17 Construction Claims, Disputes, and Project Closure 523 18 Computer Applications in Scheduling, Resource Levelling, Monitoring, and Reporting 536 19 Factors Behind the Success of a Construction Project 570 Answers to the Objective Questions 591 Appendices 595 Index 649 Holdings: CEPT Library (692.06 JHA) , CEPT Library (692.06 JHA) , CEPT Library (692.06 JHA) , CEPT Library (692.06 JHA) , CEPT Library (692.06 JHA) .
Assessment of impacts on basic infrastructure due to increase in density along transit corridor : a case of Rajkot by Kansagara, Rajkumar G. Publication: 2012 . 111p.2 Plats. Holdings: CEPT Library (MIEM TH-0022 KAN) .
Project management handbook : for engineers, construction professionals and business managers. by Kohli, Uddesh Publication: New Delhi Tata McGraw Hill Pub. Co. Ltd. 2007 . xvi, 518p. Holdings: CEPT Library (658.404 KOH) .
Developments in structural form. by Mainstone, Rowland J. Publication: London,England etc Architectural Press 1998 . 381p. Holdings: CEPT Library , Sch. of Architecture (624.17 MAI) , CEPT Library , Sch. of Architecture (624.17 MAI) .
Water supply and source in rural region : a case study of villages of Gujarat (Also available on CD) by Mithaseth, Hatim S. Publication: 2013 . viii,48,ivp.CD-ROM Holdings: CEPT Library (B TH-0526 MIT) .
Cost recovery practices in class : a cities of Gujarat by Nair, Manruj R. Publication: 2015 . xiv,52p. Holdings: CEPT Library (MIED TH-0051 NAI) .
Tourists in historic towns : urban conservation and heritage management. by Orbasli, Aylin Publication: London E & FN Spon 2000 . ix,210p. Holdings: CEPT Library , Sch. of Architecture (711.5288 ORB) .
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