Model building bye laws, 2016 (Record no. 44891)

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Title Model building bye laws, 2016
Name of publisher, distributor, etc Ministry of Urban Development, Govermment of India
Date of publication, distribution, etc 2016
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Formatted contents note CONTENTS<br/>DEFINITIONS 1<br/>General 1<br/>1. Definitions 1<br/>2. JURISDICTION / APPLICABILITY AND BUILDING<br/>DOCUMENTATION PROCEDURES 13<br/>Jurisdiction of Building Bye - Laws 13<br/>Applicability of Building Bye Laws 13<br/>Development and part construction 13<br/>In case of Part construction 13<br/>Change of use / occupancy 13<br/>Reconstruction 13<br/>Existing approved building 13<br/>Development 14<br/>Procedure for obtaining building permit 14<br/>All Plans 16<br/>Signing of plans 20<br/>Notice for alteration 20<br/>Building permit fees 21<br/>Sanction 21<br/>Procedure during Construction Work 24<br/>Notice of Completion 25<br/>Completion and Permission for Occupation 26<br/>Occupancy/ Part Completion Certificate 27<br/>Connection to the municipal sewer / water mains 27<br/>3. DEVELOPMENT CODES 29<br/>Flexible FAR 29<br/>Development norms and standards for hill towns 31<br/>Parking standard 31<br/>Specific premises 34<br/>Non-residential premises 37<br/>Commercial 37<br/>Industrial plot 40<br/>Transportation 41<br/>Aerodromes 41<br/>Public - Semi-public 42<br/>Educational Facilities 44<br/>Security Services 46<br/>Post and telegraph office, head post office 47Farm houses 47<br/>Professional activity 47<br/>Socio - cultural facilities 48<br/>4. GENERAL BUILDING REQUIREMENTS AND SERVICES 51<br/>General 51<br/>Requirements for Parts of Buildings 51<br/>Habitable Rooms 51<br/>Kitchen 52<br/>Bathrooms and Water-Closets 52<br/>Ledge or Tand/Loft 53<br/>Mezzanine Floor 53<br/>Store Room 54<br/>Garage 54<br/>Basement 54<br/>Chimneys 55<br/>Parapet 55<br/>Cabin 55<br/>Boundary Wall 55<br/>Septic Tanks 55<br/>Meter Rooms 57<br/>Staircase/Exit Requirements 57<br/>Roofs 57<br/>Special Requirements of Low Income Housing 58<br/>Special Requirements for Cluster Planning for Housing 58<br/>Group housing 58<br/>Non-residential buildings 58<br/>Other general requirements 59<br/>Means of access (Including Fire Safety- Ref Chapter 10) 60<br/>Provision of exterior open spaces and height limitation around the building 63<br/>Interior Open Space for Light and Ventilation 63<br/>Joint Open Air Space 63<br/>Provision of Podium for parking and landscaping 64<br/>Exemption to Open Spaces/Covered area 64<br/>Lighting and ventilation of rooms 66<br/>Building Services 68<br/>Plumbing and Sanitary Services 68<br/>Segregated sanitation for Visitors in Public Buildings 68<br/>Construction Site 79Temporary Camp Toilets 80<br/>Special / Contingency Toilets 80<br/>General guidance for water supply arrangements 80<br/>5.PROVISIONS FOR HIGH RISE DEVELOPMENT 81<br/>High Rise 81<br/>Peripheral Open Spaces including set backs 81<br/>ParkingSpaces 81<br/>Building components 82<br/>Building Services 87<br/>6.PROVISIONS FOR STRUCTURAL SAFETY 91<br/>Structural design and safety 91<br/>Structural requirements of low income housing 96<br/>Inspection 96<br/>Alternative Materials, Methods of Design and Construction and Tests 99<br/>7.SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR OCCUPANCY/LAND<br/>DEVELOPMENT AND OTHER 101<br/>Industrial Buildings (Factories, Workshops, etc.) 101<br/>Educational Building (School/Colleges) 101<br/>Assembly Building (Cinema, Theaters, etc.) 102<br/>Petrol filling station 102<br/>Burial and cremation grounds 102<br/>Building in mining area 103<br/>Poultry farms (wherever allowed as per master plan) 103<br/>Special buildings not covred 104<br/>Provisions in the public buildings for differently-abled persons 104<br/>Resettlement and Slum insitu upgradaion 104<br/>Rules for development of land 104<br/>Penal action for violation of master plan/zonal plan regulation/bye- laws 104<br/>Signs and outdoor display structus 104<br/>8.PROVISIONS FOR DIFFERNTLY-ABLED, ELDERLY AND<br/>CHILDREN 105<br/>Applicability 105<br/>Guidelines and Provisions 105<br/>Types of buildings to adopt barrier free guidelines as notified by the state<br/>government 105<br/>Building requirements 107<br/>Stair-ways 107<br/>Lifts 108Toilets 108<br/>Designing for Children 109<br/>Drinking Water: 109<br/>Refuge 109<br/>Proper signage 110<br/>Public Building regulations 110<br/>9.RAINWATER HARVESTING Ill<br/>The RWH system HI<br/>Rainwater harvesting techniques: Ill<br/>Harvesting provisions in various Building categories: 112<br/>Rain Water Harvesting Provisions for Open spaces in cities 112<br/>Ground Water Recharge 113<br/>Enforcement and Monitoring 113<br/>10.GREEN BUILDINGS AND SUSTAINABILITY PROVISIONS 115<br/>Provisions and Applicability 115<br/>Provisions for Sanction 116<br/>Various Guidelines for Green Rating systems 120<br/>11.FIRE PROTECTION AND FIRE SAFETY REQUIREMENTS 121<br/>Scope 121<br/>Procedure for clearance from fire service 121<br/>Renewal of fire clearance 122<br/>Fee 122<br/>Fire consulant 122<br/>Terminology 122<br/>General 122<br/>Fire Escapes or External Stairs: 123<br/>Provision of lifts 124<br/>Basement 126<br/>Provision of helipad 128<br/>Service ducts/refuge chute 128<br/>Electrical services 128<br/>Staircase and corridor lights 129<br/>Air-conditioning 129<br/>Boiler oom 130<br/>Alternate source of electric spply 131<br/>Safety measures in electric sub-station 131<br/>Fire protection requirements 134<br/>Static water storage tank 135<br/>Automatic sprinklers 135<br/>Fixed carbon di-oxide /foam/dco water spray extinguishing system 136<br/>Fire alarm system 136<br/>Control Room 137<br/>Fire drills and fire orders 137<br/>Material used for construction of building 137<br/>Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) 138<br/>House keeping 138<br/>Fire prevention 139<br/>Occupancy restrictions 141<br/>12. CONSERVATION OF HERITAGE SITES INCLUDING HERITAGE<br/>BUILDINGS, HERITAGE PRECINCTS AND NATURAL FEATURE<br/>AREAS 143<br/>Applicability 143<br/>Responsibility of the owners of heritage buildings 144<br/>Restrictions on development / re-development / repairs etc 144<br/>Penalties 145<br/>Preparation of list of heritage sites including heritage buildings, heritage precincts<br/>and listed natural feature areas 145<br/>Alteration / modification / relaxation in development norms 145<br/>Heritage precincts / natural feature areas 146<br/>Road widening 146<br/>Incentive uses for heritage buildings 146<br/>Maintaining skyline and architectural harmony 146<br/>Restrictive covenants 147<br/>Grading of the listed buildings / listed precincts 147<br/>Opinion of the Heritage Conservation Committee 148<br/>Approval to preserve the beauty of the area 148<br/>Signs and outdoor display structures / including street furniture on heritage sites ... 148<br/>Composition of heritage conservation committee 149<br/>Implications of listing as heritage buildings 150<br/>Ownership not affected 150<br/>13. STREAMLINING OF BUILDING PLAN APPROVALS 151<br/>Streamlining the building approval/sanction procedure (Ease of doing business).... 151<br/>Clearances at Master Plan level 152<br/>Clearances at the Local Authorities 154<br/>Options for reducing the timelines for approvals: 154<br/>Risk Based Classification of building proposals 156<br/>13.6 Other Suggestions to enhance ease of doing business: 158<br/>14. CLIMATE RESILIENT CONSTRUCTION: INTEGRATION OF<br/>ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCES WITH SANCTION 161<br/>14.1 Environmental conditions for compliance during Building approvals 161<br/>REFERENCES 167<br/>ANNEXURE AND APPENDICES<br/>Appendices to MBBL 2016 169<br/>Annexure I: Guidelines for mitigation of effects of E M R in Built spaces 237<br/>Annexure II: Technical Aspects and Options of RWH in built and open spaces 247<br/>
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